lundi 18 avril 2011

Enfin la réponse...

Medical center St lazar: Minimalist flowers, giant screens on the wall with documentary about the ocean, lot of spotlight everywhere, white and black, black shinny flour, pretty young nurse, I should have guess the atmosphere by the look of the web site. It's weird the nurses don't seem to have as much fun as in the website.

For a moment I wonder if they would let me in: cover of cat hair, several stains, holes and dirty sneackers

Gigantic illuminated pink panels

5 of them in a white narrow corridor

_ aouch ,
_ tut tut it's nothing
_a yes, after 20, I can't feel anything

While I wait for the product to react, they make us wait in the pink corridor to also test or resistance to bright pink light and dry hot atmosphere.
SO, you have a reaction for cat hairs, dust and pollen, but no real allergic reaction

_But I don't understand, I have all the symptoms, hamster in the nose and everything
_ Yes you have an allergic reaction but blablabla explanation blablabla medical blabla to your environment
_How long have you been living in Paris
_ For more then a year and a half
_ here you go then

_And how long it will last
_ Sometime it stops
_I am allergic to Paris then
_ Your cat and the dust actually

_ Allergic to Paris, I'm not surprise what a city from hell
_ No your allergic to you cat and dust
I am desensitizing myself to Paris!

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  1. Erf quand je suis arrivée à paname, la première année, j'avais toujours les yeux hyper secs, mal à la gorge... Je toussais pas mal, et mo nez me grattait sans arrêt! Ca s'est calmé... Maintenant bizarrement c'est dès que je retourne un peu à la campagne que ces machins reviennent haha! Comme quoi y'a peut-être un système d'acclimatation et d'adaptation XD

    Je compatis!

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  3. Je tenais à spammer avec un deuxième commentaire. Ton blog est un pervers. Le mot de validation du com d'avant c'était: petitcu

    Ah bah bravo!