mercredi 14 septembre 2011

Cowboys VS Aliens

At last, a film session with nothing to distract or disturb.
No annoying pop-corn eater, no smelly feet from hell or no useless 3D glasses too close to the screen.

And to have an even better film,
Daniel Creig kicks Aliens' asses, Daniel Creig takes a wild shower under the rain or Daniel Creig do nothing special.

_This film is great!
_I guess is not because of the script 

 This is what the great sociologist from Heat magazine call a Weird Crush.

Daniel Creig is blond with blue yes >> not my type
and he has the face cover with deep wrinkles which make him look like an old man 
his head is placed on a body with to much "fatty" muscles which make his head  looking really small.

So he reminds me of ...

And all these leads me to schizophrenic thoughts: 
"he loooooks gooooood"
" are you kidding me?"

1 commentaire:

  1. Je préfère Gérard Butler! Les deux loulous ont été découverts dans Tomb Raider 1 et 2, ben ué, Gerry est un meilleur équipier bodybuildé, même si Daniel est avec Harrison Foooord! ♥♥♥

    Ok c'est complètement hors sujet, c'est juste que j'ai jamais aimé Daniel Craig dans Tomb Raider (qui est en plus un film pourri)! Et que j'adore baver sur Gerry!