mardi 2 novembre 2010

ça commence comme ça.

Lunch breack 1.45 PM: "Jurassic Park"
"It makes a while I haven't see this movie, I fell like I am on school breack."

"For ones, a film during the afternoon".

End of the movie, 3.45 pm." Oh monster Inc starting right after".
"Ok just the first minutes".

One hour later...

"that enough now, I have to go to work"
"look there is "la cité de la peur" that is starting now"

"Really? This one too is makes a while..."

Et voilà comment on bosse pas de l'aprem et qu'on se tape trois films d'affilés :)
This is how I don't work the whole afternoon and watch 3 movies at once :)

2 commentaires:

  1. pendant que d'autre travaille sur ton site... :p

  2. Je suis dégoutée de plus avoir des vacances comme les enfants! J'aime les dessins animés et Jurassic Park moi!