lundi 15 novembre 2010

Petite semaine de repos chez Bo papa et Bonne maman

Aller dans la famille de Yannick c'est comme retourner en enfance mais la sienne.
Visiting Yannick's parents is like going back to childhood but Yannick's childhood.

"your dad bought some fresh bread this morning"
"Dinner served!"

"do you want some dessert?"
"do you need anything?"
"What do you want to eat this evening?"

"is it ok if we eat Kebab tonight and tomorow for lunch?"
"Tuesday you'll go to the Aquasplash to keep busy"

Mais quand je ne dors pas chez moi j'ai tendance à mal dormir parce qu'il y a:
But when I do'nt sleep at my place, I don't sleep well because:
"The psychological distance of the toilets"
"and this starts an uncontrolable wee crisis at 4 Am"

After 15 minutes trying to resist, I have to go downstairs through this very particular stairs: the cliff stairs.

"So I need to be fully awake before going downstairs"

"After the wee expedition it is very difficult for me to go back to sleep"

"At last when I'm back asleep, Yannick's parents are waking-up, and so is Zoé my cat."

2 commentaires:

  1. wow comment ça fait rêver !!

    et 'repos' ça prend un 'p'...

  2. haha! Je me reconnais dans le coup des chiottes! J'ai toujours peur d'avoir à me lever quand je ne suis pas chez moi, et de faire du bruit (et que donc tout le monde le sache!)