mardi 14 décembre 2010

Le nerf de la guerre

_hey you've gor a mail from the job center
_ roo not again, they piss me off I receive five of them per week...

_one more to tell me I'm off from their unemployed list.
_oh it's a letter that show my unemployed benefits
_it is way more than what I expected, it is 400 euros different from my original salary.
(gost from Ubisoft)

_after how they treated me I don't have any small satisfaction. If Icount well I am almost paid the same to work for them than do my own stuff at home :)

3 commentaires:

  1. Euh, sinon, des fois tu te changes ???
    T'es toujours habillée pareil !
    Grosse Crado !!!!

  2. >_< Bon j'ai pas trop de soucis à me faire alors (?)

  3. A ba depuis ubi la douche s'est très surfait :) et le pyj tellement confortable :)