samedi 19 février 2011

Absence de postes pour cause de maladie

Since a month now, I have been to the doctor every week, I also have what I call the "snot" disease and multiple allergical crisis. And now I have angina.

The doctor told me it is very contagious.

Dear friends from the Tuesday evening restaurant, I shared with you all my germs in all your dishes, so don't be surprise if you have some symptomes.

I had a fever so I did some obsessive weird thoughts. Like redoing in my mind the work I am doing at the moment, drawing black circle around my finguer and a song of from a french cartoon "Axtérix & Obelix".

And when the fever is gone, I'm like a child again, with confort food wishes

and confort film, "come one, the temple of doom", "again...."

"come on it's the one with the chinese kid"
I think we all have our film we want to watch when we feel sick. I should have guess that I was ill becauwe I already wanted to watch indiana jones on Tuesday.

Since the beguinning of January I am very often with the head in an aquarium because of the snot disease. Maybe it had an effect on the way I understood what happen during this last month, even during my interview!

"so we're offering you a post for 6 months"
" oua a full time job"

"we are a company distributing sea board"
"oooh, board game publisher"

"for a place in the customer service"
"cool UI design"

"it's weird don't you think, the new girl from the customer service keeps on wanting to redesign the website..."

I have to take so mcuh medication, that I feel like on old lady

Maybe my karma is starting to find a balance with all this ill days.

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