lundi 28 février 2011


Looking for health care

fffuu, I don't get a thing, I'm gonna do a simulation onlione
Here you go, submit

_Hello, you've just made a simulation online to find a new health insurance
_ I'm sorry but I don't have time right now, I've to go to work
_Ok, I'm sending you our researches by e-mail

The evening
_Hi, did you look at our offers
_Sorry I'm coming back from work, I'll have a look during the week-end

The day after
_Hello did you...
_eee, no... we are Saturday and I'm about to go out

_I'm calling you back on Monday then
_eee, how can I put words... do you have a life?

_It's unbelievable, I've got a men calling me everyday to check if I did my paper work
_ Soon your bank will call you to ask if you classify and tidy your paper

_With this man calling I can't put to tomorrow my research for a health insurance , I have to do it this week-end

With good omens, Neil Geiman was right, those people on the phone have the worst job on earth, they are demons who needs to balance the demonic karma on earth with such job...

Last time I deal with them they deliver my fridge 300miles away from home and 3 months later... a summer without a fridge!

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  1. Pourquoi quand je fais un commentaire, tu le reçois pas ??? ou il n'apparaît pas ???
    Bref, te disais juste : ne prends pas la MAAF !!!