lundi 21 mars 2011

Début de week-end

For my job and freelance job I've been drawing a lot animals, so to show a hint of what I'm doing I decide to draw everybody as animals.

Friday evening, an intruder at home, pretending to do an official census about TV

-blablabla, spieling off...
-wo, those graphic are rubbish
-I did them myself

-blablabla, and only for 80 euros a month during 80 months
-haha, you're framed, I knew you were a sales man!

-but stop it, we don't want your crap tv, we know the product, we're geeks
-yeah, 2 millions pixels...

what a sales man? just make him leave, I have to go to the cinema, by.

-What, an innocent is in danger
-I though you were only fighting fat?

oh no, he's back...

-where is he!
-eeee gone...


we're going to see battle Battle for L.A., wanna come?

I'm almost missing independence day...

3 commentaires:

  1. moi je préfère voir les vrai personnages ...non non à l'exploitation des animaux...
    sinon on se voit quand?

  2. Non mais sérieux ce film, quelle merde... Comment je me suis laissé avoir par la bande annonce, tu crois aller voir du film à la cloverfield et tu te trouves avec une pub de 2h de '' façon emmerich... J'en reviens toujours pas...

    PS : Ibuki rules =^..^=