mercredi 2 mars 2011

info blog

Hello, let's do a news update on the blog...

For almost a month now, the latest updates have been made in the Tube

and now you wonder "but how is she doing it!"

Have a look, almost empty!

This is another good aspect of my new job, I'm avoiding the rush hours (actually only at the RER B and when it stops, because ma station is invisible)

Thus, as fast as I can, every morning I try to update my blog, in the train

Thus sometime it's a little bit rubbish, sorry...

Today this one has been started in the Tube line E, between a signal failure and a signal alarm...

2 commentaires:

  1. ouhais, ben moi je dis chapeau. Je pensais que job à plein temps signifierait mort du blog et des updates si chères à mon cœur et pourtant tu réussis à continuer. Moi à part bosser 8 h, j'arrive à rien faire de plus.