jeudi 23 juin 2011

Il y a deux ans

Sans grandes convictions je rentrais en France un peu précipitamment après 5 ans de vie à Londres.
Not really sure and kind of unexpected, exactly 2 years ago, I came back in France after 5years living in London.

It's the right decision, it's the right decision...

Je suis rentrée avec un accueil spécial, une grosse caricature de la France, comme pour donner raison à tout ce que mes collègues Anglais me disaient.
I came back with a special welcome environment dedicated to prove that all the french cliché are right.
At the north station, right in a middle of strike, 'Im waiting for my brother who's late.
France is a country where people are always on strike, checked.

_Can I use your mobile.
_Sorry on, I can't let ...

_But I coming right out of the hospital, blablal, and my mother on fire, blabla...
_I cannot because...

_Blablabla Sarkosy, and blabla I had to eat the dog, blablabla...
_I can't! it's a pay as you go with only 5 pounds top up, and when you use it in a foreign country it's twice the price so no you cannot borrow my phone, I don't have enough credit.

_... , beach.

_ spare some change miss...

_eee what, sorry I don't have any euro

_I do not have any euros, only pounds!
_ it's ok miss

_here you go, 20p!
here come my brother at last.
Paris is a city full of crazy people and beggar, checked.
_well, happy to be back ?

2 commentaires:

  1. Excellentes les 2 premières illus, t'aurais peut-être dû écrire en blanc dans la première mais elles rendent super bien :)

    Sinon ils sont forts ces roumains, ils t'ont retrouvée pour venir vivre dans ta rue :D

  2. ben voilà, il aurait fallu avoir des euros il y a deux ans…