mercredi 8 juin 2011

Savoir respecter les coutumes

The Buddhist believe that 100 days after the death of someone, you have to celebrate is journey to another life. During 100 days you must hide your sadness so the spirit can leave easier.
_" ungrateful family, I'm leaving right now!"

Pregnant woman shouldn't come, it's bad luck
_"haha, revenge is mine, I'm gonna reincarnate in my grandson and be an horrible baby!"

This week-end we went to a Pagoda, to celebrate the 100 day passed.
_ cool a Pagoda
_ don't even think of anything "exotic", it will be a french building, and it certainly gonna be boring.

Discovering the place, it is actually a french building, but a castle customized like it is a amusement park dedicated to Buddha.


_magical change

_a banquet!

The buddhist believe the most you give, the most you will receive
_you need to eat everything and even bring food back home

_it was much more fun than what I expected

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