jeudi 11 août 2011

Colère anglaise

When I arrived in England, I was always talking about how it is in France.

Coming in France, I passed my time telling how it is in England.

Two years later, I'm still doing it.
"you know in London people are much more patient"
"riot in London"

In London people know what is respect
"on internet they say that they are burning bus now"

on a phone with Fabrice who lived in London "they attacked the store in your street!"
But lately the news on television are telling me wrong

In fact I'm not saying it's better, I 'm just saying that it's different. And this different makes it more easier to live in London than in Paris for the everyday life problem.

Let me explain to you my vision.

For me, Paris is like Poodle. People say it looks nice but what a pain in the ass . (and it is also old-fashion).

It growls all the time for no reason...

It barks all the time for no reason, and it smells like piss.

On the other side, I see London more like a bulldog. It looks old and austere (but it is actually quite trendy)
It is really really patient...

It says quite, without moving...

until it loses it!

Anyway all this to say that people are much more aggressive in Paris, and it's unbearable. Whereas in London there are not. but when the lose it, they lose it hard.

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  1. Bah c'etais juste un bus... et la vitrine de Tesco... ok et les magasins de baskets du centre commercial. Heureusement on a les mecs des magasins turcs avec des barres de fer et des battes de baseball! :)