vendredi 5 août 2011

Suite de l'axe effect

In London, sometime, while you're waiting, alone...
Canary Wharf cabot place.

... might stand right behind you for a reason...

Sometime I wonder what would have happen if I had say nothing...
"It makes days we're here now, I don't dare saying anyhing..."

I had other times when people though I was queuing

English people love to queue!
For the bus: "look at this perfect straight line"
For the escalator. "a work of art, again!"

They even mentally create queue...

I miss them so much... the queuing lines...

Frecnh people don't queue! Never!
They make a ball.

The make a ball to access the escalator
"sure, right, it's gonna be much more faster to get on now!"

They make a ball to the post office
"why this line ticket stand for then..."

To take the train
"I don't get it, our place our booked, right?"
Everywhere, anytime, always, they push you, pass in front of you and make a ball!

Little test:
When we came back from Croatia, in the airport waiting for our flight.
Are you able to guess which plane goes to France and which plane goes to England?

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