vendredi 7 octobre 2011

Les professionnels du métier

As usual, I ordered the cat food on internet, specific food for annoying-kitty-that-can't-it-like-other-cat. 10kg, it's delivered why bother :)

But I didn't received them, they've been lost in the limbo of the incompetence of UPS
" _I there, it's the delivery service
_ I'm not at home for the moment
_so what do I do with your package
_I don't know, it must not be the first time this thing happen (I have an idea behind my head, you could put it in your a**)"

"_oh no it doesn't fit in
_this man is inefficient in his work, or just totally stupid"

Meanwhile Zoé had to eat standard dry food, not so standard, they apparently reduce the odour by 24%

Does it work?
"_what's that smell?
No it doesn't.

This misadventure reminded me some of the inefficient people I met. All these people that must have chose their job by pure hazard...
... and didn't do the right study or training
"_ you're an electrician now?
_yeap, I'm an electrician
_ really? since when
_since I've decided"

Where I encounter most of these people is in London.
"_What do you think he's doing?
_I believe is fixing the TV"
"This is the oven, right? It is plugged, I don't see anything else that would make it not work."

BT services:
"_your internet is working fine, I clearly here the tone
_this is the phone..
_oh god it's gonna be long..."

In some critical situation they even put us in danger: London Winter 2009, -13°c outside, 2°c inside...
"_I don't see anything wrong in your heater, but let just have a look to the instruction for use, just in case... 
(_another specialist...)"
Sometime I wonder if I did the same thing to my client:
"_ The print is totally wrong, the colours are awful, what should I do?
_ I guess we won't need your services in the future."

Sometime, it's not only about being inefficient, sometime it's just having common sense:
"_ raaa, it's useless to mop the floor, I instantly stain it with my steps...
_ did it never come to your mind that you could to it walking backwards?"

But common sense needs a dedicated post 

It's amazing to see where a dry food for cat story can lead you...
To conclude, thanks to the full employment scheme in UK, London is full of very efficient people and old man who deliver pizza:
_" hey guys come and see why the delivery took so long!"

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  1. Grâce à l'image du paquet de croquettes je viens de comprendre que si ça ne marche pas non plus avec Sushi, ce n'est pas parce que sa merde pue à 124% à la base mais parce que ça marche au bout de 14j et les 450h n'ont pas duré aussi longtemps :)

    Par contre effectivement le texte de la 13eme image fait moins dessin-de-météo-par-farrugia comme ça :D

  2. J'adore la première image, le chat scotché au sac de Croquettes Kittyrelou ^^

  3. Quel boulot sur ce post! Ouais la poste and co, j'ai connu aussi! 2 fois mon colis à été gardé dans un centre pour "cas de force majeure" ce qui signifie dans leur règlement que le pays est en guerre. Ah ben ça venait de Lyon, je savais pas que c'était la merde en France à ce point!