jeudi 27 octobre 2011

Le blues du dimanche

oh yeah, I've got the bluuuuzz' 

The sunday evening blues. The same one I started to feel when I was in primary school.
"ça cartoon": an evening show on sunday for children that actually meant "soon you'll get to bed... tomorrow school!"

dinner ready! tomorrow school!

Then, quickly a new sentence added up: did you do your homework? 
* yes
** no

This is when my blues evolved and merge with the stress of "I haven't done anything"

From that moment, my sundays were punctuated by "I'll do it later"
I'll do my homework this afternoon".

After this game

After I my shower

After dinner, I've still got plenty of time

and after dinner...

I kept this method...
"you look like someone who worked a lot on her assignment"

... and still today
" raaah, I'll work on the blog after the film"

3 commentaires:

  1. Chuck Rock à la souris quoi... normal...

  2. j'en peux plus, je tremble et je bave partout il me faut ma dose. C'est pas hygiénique, si tu le fais pas pour moi fais le pour le bien de l'humanité. Enfin, de Cambridge au moins.

  3. Le blues du dimanche, je l'ai encore :
    "- Célia, va corriger tes copies !
    - oui chéri, après Stéphane Plaza"
    Une petite sieste plus tard :
    "- Arrrggg, il est déjà 16h00, j'ai 60 copies à corriger pour demain et j'ai pas commencé ! J'veux pas aller à l'écooollleeeeee... "