jeudi 3 novembre 2011

Concert Uplift Spice et son accompagnement de brochettes

Last saturday, Uplift Spice concert.
_there is already a lot of people
_ don't worry, no need to queue, let's eat during the first band play

At the concert place restaurant
_it's much more better to eat during the first band is playing
_when does it finish and Uplift Spice start?
_I don't know... I just assumed that there would be another band before Uplift Spice
_Isn't it the concert we are hearing now?

I after a nice skewer, at last the concert... in the less ventilated place on earth!

So the atmosphere was hot (and steamy), there were some hardcore moment: my hand touched the wall cover t in all the people sweat

And as usual form my 1m58 high I had a perfect view.

This concert was also the opportunity to meat Tao from China. I think we let a pretty good impression...

French people don't only eat meat and potato "can I get a steak with some dauphinois potato, me too!"
French people don't let food come first " we finish our diner first right? yeah!"
French people are always on time "we missed what, 2 or 3 songs? even less!"
French people always look neat and clean, very classy
Paris is the perfect place for romantic evenings... "what! I can't hear you! speak louder!"

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  1. Steven et Yannick même combat... :-P
    J'arrête d'écouter les conseils des gens avec qui je vais en concert