mercredi 19 janvier 2011

Arrietty ciné des halles hier soir.

As Marylène would say it well, the graphical quality of the movie Arrietty is like someone slapping your face off.
For those who were there with me
I get really emotional yesterday evening, seeing this great moving add to the fact that I was seeing my old job mate, I was like a big marshmallow who wanted to hug them all...
This is the real aspect of my Ubi gost, the one that make me nostalgic of the team I use to work with.

1 commentaire:

  1. Trop biengh!!!
    Tu as parfaitement cerné les deux grands côtés de ma personnalité: le côté cu-cul la praline et mon 90E!

    T'aurais dû nous en faire des câlins! Je ne suis pas contre le principe! C'est pas ma famille qui dirait le contraire!