samedi 15 janvier 2011


It's certainly nothing but just in case you'll pass MRI

Hello, I'd like to take an appointment for an MRI

What do you mean by which sort of MRI?

I have to say I can't read what's written

OK, I'll bring it to you so you can prepare the injection...

Day of the MRI
The diffenrent waiting room we were made me think they were preparing me to the test

You must not move your head, here this will help you not to move

At that moment I start to understand what claustrophobic people feel

We just need to stay still during 10 minutes, simple but very stressful. It's like when someone asks for the silence in a room and right at this moment you want to cough.
And the noises the machine makes doesn't help. Very frightening.

After the MRI I felt weird...

2 commentaires:

  1. Haha excellent la dernière vignette, très beau travail de trame ;)

  2. Erf j'ai plein de connaissances qui ont du passer des irm (souvent pour rien hein :D) Mais pareil ils en parlaient un peu comme toi, flippant, gênant... Yerk