vendredi 7 janvier 2011

Hommage à Boulet

I wanted to do a post about my cat saying " what I am gonna do now"
Remembering a well known comics artist ( I wanted to post a link to the same post he made.
Damn is good
2 hours later
can we watch a movie?
(death of my personnal graphic confidence)
I looked through five years of archive and I didn't find it
I don't lose faith, I've gor the books
can we watch a movie?
can we watch a movie?

can't find it! (death of the died confidence)
but it is the post, the one with the raptor (can we watch a movie?)
don't get me wrong, I am not even trying to get any close to his style
can we watch a movie?
Google, google, I have to find it

I found it! thanks to the guy who did the same note as me

After the poste about "I don't have anything to post" here come "the post about a post"
if this is not the most interesting blog you ever read!

2 commentaires:

  1. trô mdr !! :D

    (pauv' Yannick...)

  2. rôôôh l'autre, hé…
    genre «j'ai rien à raconter» alors qu'on angoisse à l'idée d'une vieille chaussette qui peut surgir à tout moment d'un coin sombre !