mardi 19 juillet 2011

Horaires d'été

J'ai une tonne de chose à raconter avec mon super week-end de la balle à Manchester mais j'ai pas encore eu le temps de dessiner quoi que ce soit.

This is the paradox of a diary blog. When you've got lots to talk about, your actually too busy to draw anything. It's only when I have plenty of free empty time that I can work on my blog, but free time means nothing really happens to talk about it...
I have a thousand stuff to tell about my week-end in Manchester but didn't find the time yet...

Avant le récit de Manchester j'ai besoin de râler un bon coup sur le RER :)

The 4 days week-end in Manchester was great!!! Thanks to the Manchester International Festival I feel more cultureful now :)
But, before I star drawing about it, I'de like to complain once more about the RER, just to spill it out.

I try to find my inner peace to find the right way to express myself.

Bloody m****t F*****g summer schedule from hell!

You see, the Parisian public transport reduce by half the number of trains during summer, which mean It will take me twice more time to journey back home... just great ...

But is it really summer?

And is there actually less people in the tube?
Whyyyyyyyyy? why half the trains?

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