vendredi 22 juillet 2011

Manchester International Festival, jour 1

Wednesday evening we came to London with the Eurostar.

To leave the Thursday Morning to Manchester
_ to who is she waving at?
_ do as I do, just pretend it's normal

Arriving in Manchester during the afternoon, the first to do was Primark!
_I can't chose so I take them all, we'll buy another suitcase if necessary, I don't really like it but it's cheap so I'll buy it anyway.

Primrk was the only thing we did outside of the international festival of Manchester. The first evening we had a chance to see a Wagner concert.
_playing look a like

_hey, you're sleeping?
_no I'm concentrating
_yeas I am, the singers have look that put me off the universe of the Valkyries, so I close my eyes :)
here is how I imagined it

and here is what they look like

It is also very difficult to get inside the story when the leader of the Valkyries is saying "Fart" at each sentence and when the father of the Valkyries declare that the worst punishment for treason he could find was to condemned her to be a housewife for the rest of her life...

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  1. VATER! V-A-T-E-R!!! Pas FART -_-"

    Et puis genre tu te concentres avec la tête qui tombe et de la bave qui coule du coin de la bouche... bien sur...