lundi 31 janvier 2011

Sarah new beguinning

It makes a week now that Sarah had found a new boarding school. They offered her a room to stay in and nice outfits.

The place was mainly filled by boys but the thought of Lavigna makes her understand she was in a better place.
"In your face! It's how we "poke" here!"

Watch out the outfit dude! hahaha yours is rubbish!
It ain't with facebook you'll get one like that!

Just a thought for Becky and Lottie (the new scapegoat of Lavigna)... Their dresses are still given according to Lavigna's dresses.

dimanche 30 janvier 2011


Dans la vie on à tous des théories bizarres. Du coup je me suis dit que j'allais partager les miennes, en commençant par la plus connue des miennes :)
We all have theories about life. Like everyone else I've got some and I thought I'll share them, starting with the one I tell the most :)

The well known poo particles. The odors are tiny pieces of the element they come from, but tiny tiny. In the restroom, the air is full of them. They come inside your nose and accumulate in your lung.

Nouveau hobby?

J'en ai trouvée une qui trainait dans mon tiroir au boulot. Du coup je l'ai peinte aussi ^^ bon elle est un peut raté mais faut que je prenne la main. Est-ce que je viens de rajouter un nouveau truc à ma liste de temps perdu VS vrai projet?
I found another one in the drawer of my office desk. I painted it then :) but it isn't really looking nice, I need to improve my technic. Did I just found another waste of time VS my real project to add to my list?

samedi 29 janvier 2011

Première semaine, premiers Goodies ! :)

J'ai tout d'abord eu la boîte du jeux phare de l'entreprise : Les aventuriers du rail (très bon jeux je le recommande! )

Suivit d'un peu plus tard de son extension, Alvin et Dexter

Avec les super petites figurines,

que je me suis empressée de peindre. Mes premières figurines peintes!

mercredi 26 janvier 2011

Nouveau trajet

32 minutes door to door, new record!!

During the journey back home, we change to robot with a unique mission: Going back home!
" impact escalator 15 minutes" "obstacle 3 people, 15 degrees"

When we get a new regular journey, the only goal is to optimize
"test phase... analysing... 2 way out" "input new data"

Yesterday I just broke my record, it will be hard to do best
The good entry
The right corridor
The best escalator
The perfect train door
and the impossible, the right timing

lundi 24 janvier 2011

1er jour au boulot

A moment in front of the spot of my last 3 monthes

Don't be grumpy, I'll try to cook as much as possible

Don't be grumpy I'll be back every evening

dimanche 23 janvier 2011

L'équilibre du karma

Hmmm, this Sandrine had too much good karma lately...

Ok, I see that she still has her alergy... hmmm, I will give her a nice cold just the day before her first day at her new job...
Bretty good game no? (I just received my first goodies! yeppi!)

Expo arludik

samedi 22 janvier 2011

au revoir Pole emploi

Suite du poste du 7 Janvier "ce n'est que le début"... ce que je croyais

20 minutes later
Hang up Sandrine you've got a mail!

_You have an interview

Monday, 2PM interview
I can compare to the other and only french interview I had. So much better, so much like what I used to have in London

4PM end of the interview.
I'll be in touch around friday or monday if you have a second interview.

The evening
I have to wait until Friday or Monday, it's long... How I'm gonna do to get some sleep now...

I'm obsess, it's too long, I can't post anything on the blog, I'm obsess...

I need all the cosmic forces on my side.

Even if I have 30000 medical exam to do I still have it in my mind.

I'm sure ge will answer on Monday

I'm sure ge will answer on Monday
I'm sure ge will answer on Monday
You've got a mail from the company!

Now I'm stress. He presented the job to me on a so good aspect, I can't let it go. I need it, I need it!

Wednesday second interview 3.30 PM
You'll see all the people you might work with the most frequently.

Do you have some questions?

Do you have some questions?

Do you have some questions?

Do you have some questions?

I'll be in touch soon
fiuuuu, I have to come back home now...

thursday 6 PM
6th interview

Do you have some questions?
1 hour later, I've got the job!!
Dear followers, for now it will be much more difficult for me to post everyday, but I'll try and I'll post at least one time per week.