jeudi 31 mars 2011

Dimanche dernier Ubimeal

Après le repas a suivit une partie de Smallworld, ça rapproche :)
Excellent Dimanche, à refaire :)

mardi 22 mars 2011

Cadeau d'anniversaire en avance


We have 5000$, we have 5000$

Bjork concert at Mancherster, Thank you Fabrice

lundi 21 mars 2011

Début de week-end

For my job and freelance job I've been drawing a lot animals, so to show a hint of what I'm doing I decide to draw everybody as animals.

Friday evening, an intruder at home, pretending to do an official census about TV

-blablabla, spieling off...
-wo, those graphic are rubbish
-I did them myself

-blablabla, and only for 80 euros a month during 80 months
-haha, you're framed, I knew you were a sales man!

-but stop it, we don't want your crap tv, we know the product, we're geeks
-yeah, 2 millions pixels...

what a sales man? just make him leave, I have to go to the cinema, by.

-What, an innocent is in danger
-I though you were only fighting fat?

oh no, he's back...

-where is he!
-eeee gone...


we're going to see battle Battle for L.A., wanna come?

I'm almost missing independence day...