mardi 30 novembre 2010

samedi 27 novembre 2010

Enfin je peux scanner!!

J'en pouvais plus de prendre des photos pour mes croquis :)

Ce qu'est devenu l'imprimante HP et pourquoi on a reçu une Epson reste une mystère..

Pigeon étape 4

jeudi 25 novembre 2010

Anniversaire Yannick

Our guess are coming soon
I quickly have to put the table on
Porc ribs "Pham" style
Happy Birthday my dear
These presents are exquisite
Wait for mine my dear friend

What a sweet idea, buttons for my street fighter pad
and so easy to install
let me show you
it's.... very... easy... just pulling...
10 minutes later: here , look, easy isn't it
oh no, your guess put blood all over the place
not at all

Let me do it
here you go my love
What a joy, 2 hours of washing dishes

your spring rolls were so good yesterday, I'd love to have some today
what a shame your birthday was yesterday...

Pigeon étape 3

Aventure extraordianires 3

Yepi! Some holidays!

Here starts the adventure, the landeries are over!

He! You're interested in some kind of business?

Come on girls, work it!


mercredi 24 novembre 2010

Pigeon étape 2

Aventure extraordinaire 2

Why one is missing?

_Still complaining
_ oh god I'm all washed-out
_ I'm fed up with the washing

_can't wait for a good all basket

_oh my god, the sock robber ferry
_ youhou, freedooom

Ajouter une image_what? under the bed!

_great... what an adventure...

mardi 23 novembre 2010

Aventure extraordinaire

Why one is missing?

_Isn't it nice to be here all stinky and dirty
_there is nothing better than stinking
_there is nothing bette than the long setting

_ We're made for that
_ I prefer a nice spa session

_Oh no not again

_stay it's going to be nice
_ it doesn't feel right

_I don't get you
_ yeaaaaah

_I am going back to the drawer
_Stay the dry mode is starting

Pigeon étape 1

dimanche 21 novembre 2010

Un samedi en pyjama

When I feel down I think about Diana

I am not like her, I'll see the end of the tunnel

When I feel fat
I think about Demis Roussos

Happiness is here and not elsewhere

Happiness in my life is devastating
"you are no longuer a subscriber to the job center"

C'est ça le deuxième effet Ubi...
This is the second effect Ubi...