samedi 30 avril 2011

Me and my...

Même si j'ai un iPad maintenant, je ne pourrais pas poster dans la semaine à venir, et ouai en plus mon iPad je part à Florence pour 4 jours, huhuhu :)

jeudi 28 avril 2011

Week-end de Pâques la suite

la bouche des enfers

Petite up-date de la Rukipu. L'entrée de la rue a changée, elle est devenue la bouche de l'enfer.
Depuis vendredi, en plein soleil, traine dehors un sac poubelle éventré rempli de poulets. Je vous laisse imaginer l'odeur.

jeudi 21 avril 2011

le degré zéro du post

_It make two days I haven't post anything on my blog

_I don't know what to say

_I thinks it is because I had so much work to do lately, a lot at my job and a lot with the freelancing the evening and during the week-end, now that everything is quiet my head is empty...

_look, I know why there is no car in the street, they're about to clean it
_ humm

_hey look, there are a lot of policemen in the street of the Rom
_trouble is in the air...

_ but no, you don't see they're about to move them out...

What is going on in stinky street!
first the year blue spray, then all the cars removed and now the police forces in the street!

What a lazy inspiration... begging for a post

yes but it is your fault too, since you started your new job you're doing the morning journey with me so I don't have time to think about it and let my mind...

mardi 19 avril 2011

Il faut prendre très aux sérieux une aphte.

I have a sore in my mouth, I know, who cares...

But it hurts like hell, right at my jaw connection
A long time ago, people were dying from a toothache so why not a mouth sore!

_One more dead from a mouth sore
_One more for the common grave
_ and imagine what it would be if it was a important person, like a knight

To help me with this reconstitution, two guess stars specialized in Middle age, Marylène and Natalie.

_Ho god, the night of bravery is dead!
_ a mouth sor to blame again

_not at all
_ really? so why was he saying the pain of his mouth sore was killing him?

_yeah that's rubbish
_ Your saying that because you know it would be a shame for a knight to die like that

_ You should know that the knight of bravery die fighting against evil forces
_ yeah, a cthulhu
_a what?

_ a what?
_ a dragon if you prefer
_why not a unicorn then?
_ no, you know unicorn are for those who has been dumped by their girlfriend
_ a dragon!

_here you go, next one
_come one, go and tell everybody

_the knight of the bravery is dead fighting a dragon
_ yeah right, like sir valiant who fight the dragon of the hemorrhoid.