lundi 28 février 2011


Looking for health care

fffuu, I don't get a thing, I'm gonna do a simulation onlione
Here you go, submit

_Hello, you've just made a simulation online to find a new health insurance
_ I'm sorry but I don't have time right now, I've to go to work
_Ok, I'm sending you our researches by e-mail

The evening
_Hi, did you look at our offers
_Sorry I'm coming back from work, I'll have a look during the week-end

The day after
_Hello did you...
_eee, no... we are Saturday and I'm about to go out

_I'm calling you back on Monday then
_eee, how can I put words... do you have a life?

_It's unbelievable, I've got a men calling me everyday to check if I did my paper work
_ Soon your bank will call you to ask if you classify and tidy your paper

_With this man calling I can't put to tomorrow my research for a health insurance , I have to do it this week-end

With good omens, Neil Geiman was right, those people on the phone have the worst job on earth, they are demons who needs to balance the demonic karma on earth with such job...

Last time I deal with them they deliver my fridge 300miles away from home and 3 months later... a summer without a fridge!

vendredi 25 février 2011

London Calling

_ hello, look who's with me
_ oh no... and it's the first time for you

and here comes mine but in a much more bigger shape :)

Yannick a la nostalgie de Londres et c'est très contagieux
Yannick is nostlagic of London and it is very contagious

mercredi 23 février 2011

Aventure extraordinaire 15

I don't know what I could talk about... especially after 4 days of total emptiness... and what about my old friend...

_It's here?
_Don't get too long, they can arrive at any moment!

Here you go, two frames... I know how to make it last long :)

mardi 22 février 2011

young and the restless

Thanks to my sick day, I've been able to catch up with THE soap of my unemployed time: The young and the restless!

It use to be enough to have a look one time every 6 months and still keeping track of what was happening. But now, after only a month, I don't get what's going on..

It is much more complicated than how I remember it. How the old ladies (which is the main audience) get what's going on, and the same old ladies then will pretend that they don't get what's on the news...

samedi 19 février 2011

Absence de postes pour cause de maladie

Since a month now, I have been to the doctor every week, I also have what I call the "snot" disease and multiple allergical crisis. And now I have angina.

The doctor told me it is very contagious.

Dear friends from the Tuesday evening restaurant, I shared with you all my germs in all your dishes, so don't be surprise if you have some symptomes.

I had a fever so I did some obsessive weird thoughts. Like redoing in my mind the work I am doing at the moment, drawing black circle around my finguer and a song of from a french cartoon "Axtérix & Obelix".

And when the fever is gone, I'm like a child again, with confort food wishes

and confort film, "come one, the temple of doom", "again...."

"come on it's the one with the chinese kid"
I think we all have our film we want to watch when we feel sick. I should have guess that I was ill becauwe I already wanted to watch indiana jones on Tuesday.

Since the beguinning of January I am very often with the head in an aquarium because of the snot disease. Maybe it had an effect on the way I understood what happen during this last month, even during my interview!

"so we're offering you a post for 6 months"
" oua a full time job"

"we are a company distributing sea board"
"oooh, board game publisher"

"for a place in the customer service"
"cool UI design"

"it's weird don't you think, the new girl from the customer service keeps on wanting to redesign the website..."

I have to take so mcuh medication, that I feel like on old lady

Maybe my karma is starting to find a balance with all this ill days.

mercredi 16 février 2011

Théorie 6

My cat is immortal. When she was one year old, she has been hit by a car, right after her operation to be sterilized.

Be kind, this is a very old sketch from 2001:

Since this day, she died but she resurrected from the dead now she is falling appart

broken tail, crossed eyes, weird ball on the back, broken leg, scratch all over her, streched belly

Since I have a very cute cat...
"oh you have a kitty, sooo cute"

... but only far
"your cat is weird soo"